Hi, I'm Diaricks.

I love video games because I'm like an ultimate tomboy (I can't say I'm a black belt with them though). My favorite kind is when the player has turns because when I'm playing a game which doesn't have that a freak out at every battle, I admit that. However, I still love every kind of modern video game there is and hope to learn as much as I can about them.

I learned about the NiGHTS games the boring way. I was reading a Simpsons comic book I bought and found an ad for a video game at the back. It said "NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams". When I got home I typed the title on google and found a website for the game (which is sadly no longer on the internet). I got super excited to try to find walk- throughs for the game, but because of busy things, I never got to find them. Soon I forgot about the video game and website. Then I was digging through some old things, and found the comic book with the ad on the back. I checked the website, but it had been erased from the internet. I missed it (I wish it was still on the internet so I could put more info about Journey of Dreams) and I missed the minigame I would play on it.

Now I'm an editor for wikias. I really wish that website still existed so I could practice with that minigame then eventually buy the actual game and play it. The only reason I have info to post on this wiki is because I watch walkthroughs/playthroughs all the time on YouTube. I make sure I get down every single bit of info from watching these.

I'm also a fan of manga, Japan, anime, and comic books.

That's about me,