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Twin Seeds
Twin Seeds

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Twin Seeds

Twin Seeds, called The Growth in the beginning of the stage, is the last dream in NiGHTS into Dreams, it is shared by Elliot Edwards and Claris Sinclair. It is the city that they live in, in the waking world. The musical theme is Growing Wings.


Besides NiGHTS into Dreams, the Twin Seeds tower appeared in the NiGHTS pinball table in Sonic Adventure, the level also appeared as a pinball table again in Sonic Pinball Party, this time having Wizeman as a boss and "Message from Nightopia" as it's music, the Twin Seeds tower also appeared in Sonic Riders in the circuits SEGA Carnival and SEGA Illusion and in Burning Rangers, there's a street named after Twin Seeds.



  • Nights JoD boxart

    Possible Twin Seeds cameo in the NiGHTS Journey of dreams cover (under NiGHTS leg and at the left side of SEGA's logo)

    Curiously, in the NiGHTS Journey of dreams cover art, there's a blue tower in the background which looks like Twin Seeds tower under NiGHTS leg.
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