In NiGHTS into Dreams and Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams, there's a special ring called "Power Ring" when NiGHTS passes through it, he will get a yellow ribbon and a Dreams, Dreams remix will play for 10 seconds, during that time, the player can make stunts known as Trick Ribbons, which will increase the score.

List of Tricks

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To make the Tricks, the player must use the analog stick to point to a direction while holding the right or the left button triggers.

  • Twister: Right + Right button.
  • Parasol: Right > Up-Right + Right button.
  • Roulette R: Right button + Right > Down-Right + Right button.
  • Arrow: Up-Right + Right button.
  • Screw: Down-Right + Right button.
  • Tornado: Up + Right button.
  • V-Fall: Down + Right button.
  • Ax R: Up-left + Right button.
  • Typhoon: Down-left + Right button.
  • Wind: Left + Right button.
  • Mixer: Right + Left button.
  • Dance: Right > Left button.
  • Roulette L: Left button + Right > Down-Right + Left button.
  • L-Wing: Up-Right + Left button.
  • Basket: Down-Right + Left button.
  • Ballet: Up +Left button.
  • T-Fall: Down + Left button.
  • Ax L: Up-Left + Left button.
  • Drill: Down-Left + Left button.
  • Space: Left + Left button.
  • Boomerang:
  • Rock n Rool:
  • Sonic:
  • Cross:
  • Moon:
  • Scorpion:
  • Big Paraloop:
  • Giant Paraloop:


The player is rewarded with a message if they do a certain number of tricks.

  • -- NEVER MIND! --: When the players don't make any trick.
  • -- NICE ONE --: When the players make a single trick.
  • -- NICE TWO --: When the players make two tricks.
  • TBA: When the players make three tricks.
  • TBA: When the players make four tricks.
  • -- WONDERFUL FIVE! --: When the players make five tricks.
  • TBA: When the players make six tricks.
  • TBA: When the players make seven tricks.
  • TBA: When the players make eight tricks.
  • TBA: When the players make nine tricks.
  • -- DREAMY!! !--: When the players make ten tricks or more.

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