Treasure Chests are items that can be found through all of the levels from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, replacing the Cages from the previous game.


  • Red Chests: the default Treasure Chest, they usually just contain some blue chips inside them, when NiGHTS opens one, the chips will have a magnetic effect and will follow NiGHTS until they get him, they also appear Will and Helen's sections, but in these, their chips won't have magnetic effect, some chests on Will and Helen's sections may contain Time Chips inside.
  • Blue Chests: a special type of Treasure Chest which only appear at Dream Gate after the player collects an Ideya, these Chests contain persona masks inside them.



  • Murtles from Crystal Castle may transform into red Treasure Chests to fool the player, when NiGHTS comes closer to them, they will explode and reveal themselves, damaging NiGHTS if their explosion reaches him.
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