Switch in NiGHTS: Journey of dreams.

Switches are items from the NiGHTS' series that appear in some levels, when activate, they will cause changes in the levels.

NiGHTS into dreams

In NiGHTS into dreams, they appears in the form of levers.

  • Mystic Forest: some switches can be found in Mystic Forest, by passing through them fast, a secret path will be unlocked
  • Splash Garden: in Splash Garden a switch will give the player Chips and Stars
  • Stick Canyon: there are Switches that will turn magnets on.
  • Twin Seeds: in Twin Seeds, there are switches that will make a rain of stars.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

In NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, they appear as a golden orb with red dots, they can be found in Labyrinth Guide (Crystal Castle's 3rd mission) where they will make the glass disappear and Woods Escape (Memory Forest's 2nd mission) where they will open the way for Helen in some areas.


  • Sundials: Sundials are a special type of Switch which can be found only in Memory Forest, when activated, they will change day to night and secret items will appear in the level.
  • TV like Switch: In Lost Park, there's a special switch which looks like a TV which will make grass grow in the level as well as create new rings.
  • Color Switches: A special type of Switch that only appears in Delight City, they are floating orbs which can change colors by being touched or by shooting a blue chip at them, when they are activated they will create barriers of light.


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