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Spring Valley

Spring Valley
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Spring Valley, called The Ideal at the beginning of the game, is the first dream of Claris Sinclair in NiGHTS into Dreams. This dream world was created from the ideal existence of a paternal figure in Claris's consciousness. It is set in a mountainous region rich in water and vegetation. Sparkling water from the melted snow in the mountain flows through the low points

NiGHTS into Dreams

Spring Valley is the first dream where Claris encounters NiGHTS. After retrieving the Ideya from the Ideya Captures, they encounter Gillwing. Elliot appears here, but only in his ending movie.

Christmas NiGHTS

In the holiday-themed Christmas Nights into Dreams game sampler, Spring Valley is the only stage available in the game's main story mode, where it is covered with snow. However, unlike NiGHTS into Dreams, the stage can be played with both Claris and Elliot. While the stage remains unchanged when playing as Claris, the path is altered when playing as Elliot.



Spring Valley in the storybook NiGHTS: Flying Through the Sky Without Wings.

Spring Valley appeared in the NiGHTS' Archie Comics and in the storybook NiGHTS: Flying Through the Sky Without Wings, curiously, Spring Valley is an Elliot's dreamworld in the storybook and a dreamworld of both dreamers in the comics, Spring Valley also made a brief appearance in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX in the NiGHTS pinball table from Casinopolis, when Sonic falls out of the second pinball table, he will pass through Spring Valley before falling into the first one again, in Sonic Pinball Party, Spring Valley is the first NiGHTS' pinball table with Gillwing being it's boss and in Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed as a circuit under the name "Dream Valley".




  • Despite being a Claris dreamworld, Elliot has made more appearances in Spring Valley than her, appearing in it during a cutscene from NiGHTS into Dreams, Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams, in the NiGHTS comics and in the NiGHTS storybook.
  • Spring Valley is one of NiGHTS most iconic levels along with Twin Seeds and Bellbridge.
  • In the Beta version of the game, Puffy is Spring Valley's boss.
  • As seen above, Spring Valley has returned to Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed as the only NiGHTS track under the name of Dream Valley rather than Spring Valley.
    • The music of the track is a remix of the original Spring Valley music.
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