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Splash Garden
Splash Garden

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Splash Garden
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Twin Seeds

Splash Garden, called The Affection at the beginning of the game, is the first dream of Elliot Edwards in NiGHTS into Dreams, where he encounters NiGHTS for the first time. This world is a cheerful park with a lot of water, which was created as a reflection of the deep affection in Elliot's consciousness. In the seaside park, there are strange bubbles floating in the air, which soak up the warmth from the sunshine with a cold splash, making it nice for a stroll. It also has a submarine cave with an intense stream of water, but it is not a problem for NiGHTS's transforming capacities. The boss for this dream is Puffy.

Sonic Pinball Party

Splash Garden appears as the second pinball in Sonic Pinball Party. the boss of the table is Puffy.

For unknown reasons, Splash Garden uses Frozen Bell's theme. While the same goes for Frozen Bell.