Rings (also known as "loops") are floating circles made of tiny orange orbs that can be found in all of the levels from both games, they help making the score higher and recover some Drill Dash by filling the drill dash meter, passing through many rings consecutively will create links, making the score goes higher faster, after NiGHTS pass through them, they will disappear for a short period.

Types of Rings

  • Rings: the Standard orange rings that appear in every level in all of the games, when NiGHTS pass through them, they will give points and recover Drill Dash.
  • Power Ring: a ring made of blue and yellow orbs that only appear in NiGHTS into dreams and Christmas NiGHTS into dreams, when NiGHTS pass through this ring, he will get a yellow ribbon and a Dream Dream remix will play for 10 seconds, during that time, the player can make stunts which will increase the score.
  • Spike Ring: a ring made of spikes, NiGHTS needs to pass through them fast or else they will damage NiGHTS and take five seconds from the time.
  • Green Ring: a special type of ring that only appears in NiGHTS: Journey of dreams, unlike the other rings, when NiGHTS pass through them, they won't disappear, these rings can be found in every boss battle.


  • The rings appeared in Sonic Riders in the SEGA Illusion circuit, in Sonic and All-Star Racing Transformed in the Dream Valley circuit and in Sonic Lost World in the Nightmare Zone.
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