Caden Springs, better known by his stage name Riley O'Flynn and his Japanese name Yuki Sakigawa, voices William Taylor in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. He is a Japanese-Canadian actor, voice actor, singer-songwriter, rapper, and dancer. He sang the Kids Version of Dreams, Dreams in the game with Victoria Ashby and the Will Version with Robbie Wyckoff. Riley is the second oldest child of six children, with his twin sister, Keri O'Flynn, being older than him by 5 minutes. His parents were living in Tokyo but then they decided to sell their home to another family and move to Ottawa, where he, Lucy, and their younger siblings who were born in and they reside. The parents died on November 11, 2016 due to a heart failure. They were survived by their parents (Riley and Keri's grandparents) and some of their siblings (who are the kids' uncles and aunts). He and his sister together both played the trumpet in their middle school band. They were also in their middle school chorus with some of their friends as well.
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