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Queen Bella

Queen Bella the Spider is a second-level Nightmaren that resembles a large spider. She is the boss for Helen Cartwright's Memory Forest dream, messing with Helen's memories there.


Queen Bella resembles a large spider dressed in a Victorian garb that fits around her abdomen. She has four eyes, pointed fangs, earrings, and a golden crown with gemstones on it. She has eight spindly spiked legs to crawl around, and (like all spiders) spins silk.


Queen Bella spins large balls of silk, along with balls of flaming silk in the second battle. NiGHTS can use these balls of silk to the players advantage. The player uses her balls of silk to destroy the platforms she walks on. In the first battle, there are two layers of platforms surrounding the pit. But in the second battle, there are four layers of platforms. If NiGHTS gets hit by the fiery balls of lava, five seconds worth of damage will be dealt. When a ball of silk touches the lava underneath the floor of the arena, a large column of lava will appear there, and if touched, will also cause five seconds worth of damage. Once enough platforms are shattered and Queen Bella has nothing to walk on, she falls into the lava and is burnt to a crisp.


Queen Bella's playing field is in the middle of a distorted town with platforms that she walks around on. Below her is a pool of lava, presumably a smelting pit. Molten balls spew from the pit constantly.


  • It is possible to defeat Queen Bella in a matter of seconds after the battle begins with one well-aimed silk ball, rather so if the player needs to achieve an A rank in her second fight.
  • The name of Queen Bella's theme is "Queen Bella's Ball."
  • Curiously enough, Queen Bella is the only Nightmaren Boss who isn't capable of flight.
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