Puffy is a second-level Nightmaren created by Wizeman whom is considered female due to chest, large lips, and attire. She is the Boss of Elliot Edwards' Splash Garden level in NiGHTS into Dreams. Puffy has a beach ball appearance along with large pink rabbit ears, and a pink bunny tail. She has a high collar and long elegant-styled gloves. Many jewels can be found across her chest and on her belt. Puffy appears to be modeled after a rich opera singer.


Puffy has appeared in ads for NiGHTS into Dreams as well as Archie Comics' mini-series based on the game.

Outside of NiGHTS, Puffy made a cameo in Sonic Adventure and Sonic Adventure DX as a card in the NiGHTS pinball table from Casinopolis and in Sonic and All Stars Racing Transformed in the Dream Valley circuit. Puffy also appeared in Sonic Pinball Party and in the Nightmare Zone DLC of Sonic Lost World as a boss. Her theme was also an unlockable music track in Sega Superstars Tennis, she is also one of the NiGHTS characters to appear in the manga Game Gag 1P Comic Sega-hen, even appearing in the manga's cover. [1]


The main gist of NiGHTS' battle with Puffy is that  you must grab her and throw her into the wall at the end of the stage.
Upon flying up to her, NiGHTS will automatically grab her and start spinning her. The object from here is aiming her onward, into the next room.
Having Puffy hit you will take time away from your timer, giving you less time to defeat her and eventually giving you a Night Over.



Puffy's level consists of six rooms resembling a house. There is a bedroom, dining room, and bathroom. Stairs can also be seen on the back wall in the dining room. Along the walls of Puffy's level are many paintings of Nightmaren minions and one of herself. The portrait of Puffy is actually an original concept drawing.[2]
There is a set of double doors in the very last room, as well as a shelf. You defeat Puffy by pushing her under the shelf, breaking the support causing her to get smashed between the wall and the tumbling shelf.
On rare occasions, the doors in the last room open just as Puffy is being defeated. Inside is a lamp-post like object which falls out and onto the floor. No one has discovered why this happens or what triggers it.[3]It most likely happens at random, and is similar to the guillotine in Jackle's level dropping seemingly at random.

Biography Information


A translated Japanese bio for Puffy states:

"A rubber ball-like Second-Level, her body is pliable and flexible. Because of this, NiGHTS’s attacks don’t seem to work on her. Maybe somewhere around that mansion she created there’s a clue to defeating her."


The BGM for Puffy's level is called "She Had Long Ears" and involves opera-like singing. If you put the Sega Saturn disc into a CD player, Puffy's BGM will be track 7.



  • PuffyEasterEgg

    The mysterious easter egg from the Puffy fight: The green closet may randomly open revealing a mysterious object.

    A mysterious easter egg can be randomly found after defeating Puffy, there are two big green doors at the end of the hallway that sometimes will open after the battle, inside, there's a lamp-post like object which falls out, the reason why this happens or the meaning of it are unknown.
    • Sometimes, the mysterious object will just stand there and not fall. [4]
    • The object appears to have "face" in it or be wearing a golden mask, however it's hard to see it, when the object is inside the closet, it will keep it's face/mask turned to the inside of the closet and when it falls, it will turn it's possible face to a direction which the player's view can't reach.
    • It's even possible to see te object even when the closet doesn't open through the closet's gap.
  • It's hard to explain what Puffy is trying to represent, however her ball-like appearance might be making a reference to a basketball.
    • In the Archie Comics, Puffy is a Claris' nightmaren and she is the representation of Claris' rude tutor, Madame Puffilla.
  • RollingEggman

    Dr. Eggman parodying Puffy in Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams.

    In Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams (though only on the Saturn version), there's a special mini game called Sonic the Hedgehog into Dreams, where the player can control Sonic the Hedgehog in Spring Valley, after the level, Dr. "Eggman" Robotnik will appear as a boss parodying Puffy, [5] the boss theme will be a remix of the final boss battle theme from the Japanese and European version of Sonic CD with some bits of Puffy's theme in it called Rolling Eggman.
  • In the Beta version of the game, Puffy had a pre battle dialog, where she says something which is most likely in dream language, that would make Puffy the only nightmaren to have a pre battle dialog besides Reala. [6]
  • There's a mirror on Puffy's mansion which shows NiGHTS' reflection but not Puffy's.
  • Puffy and Gillwing are tied as the second level nightmarens who made the most appearances, with a total of eight.
    • Christmas NiGHTS into dreams was the only time where Gillwing appeared in something without Puffy and Game Gag 1P Comic Sega-hen was the only time where Puffy appeared in something without Gillwing.
  • Puffy's own name is one of the nicknames of record producer/music industry executive/part-time performing hip hop artist P. Diddy
  • Puffy can be found in very early concept arts of the game along with NiGHTS and other nightmarens that were scrapped during development, meaning Puffy was one of the very first characters to be created along with NiGHTS and one of the few nightmarens from the very beggining to not be scrapped, her design also changed very little from the early concepts. [7]
  • Puffy is one of the three second level nightmarens to have a more feminine look, the others are Bomamba and Queen Bella.
  • Puffy has paintings of all the Spring Valley enemies on the walls of her mansion.


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