The Persona Mask

One of the Persona Masks (also called the Personas).

Persona Masks
are masks introduced in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams as an accessory first level Nightmaren wear to reference their loyalty to Wizeman. While Reala is seen with his Persona Mask on at all times, NiGHTS has taken off his/her mask to indicate rebellion against Wizeman.

Character Personas

While it is not known if these Personas grant powers or are simply cosmetic, both Reala and NiGHTS own a personal Persona they are intended to wear at all times. Reala's is always present but NiGHTS' shown only a few times.

Reala's Persona is gold with a "vine" like pattern and a pink jewel in the center, the edges are trimmed with black feathers. Three spikes poke up from above the jewel (see the right side of the image above next to NiGHTS).

The Persona we can assume is NiGHTS' personal Persona is also gold but with a red gem in the center and two blue feathers sticking up in the center above the jewel (see the left side of the image above next to Reala). NiGHTS is seen in this Persona only a few times:

  • When showing off for Helen in the "world of glass"; this is the only time NiGHTS puts it on voluntarily.
  • Placed on his/her face after being captured by Wizeman, in all endings.


Certain Persona Masks can grant NiGHTS the ability to transform, giving him/her shapes beyond his/her natural shape-shifting powers.

Dolphin Persona


Gained after each child's first Nightopia, this persona gives NiGHTS the ability to swim in the shape of a dolphin.

Rocket Persona

Rocket Persona

Gained after the second Nightopia, this persona allows NiGHTS to blast off at full speed in the shape of a rocket. This is also effective during the second fight with Cerberus to reach the middle head quickly.

Dragon Persona

Dragon persona

Gained after the third Nightopia, it allows NiGHTS to resist wind and keeps him/her from floating down when idle as a long-bodied dragon.


  • The name of the Persona Masks comes from the word "persona".