The Nightmarens

The Nightmarens

Nightmarens are the residents of Nightmare and creations of Wizeman, created from his own twisted ideas. They serve the purpose of stealing ideya and destroying Nightopia[1],they are generally evil and obedient to Wizeman, with the notable exception of NiGHTS.

It is stated that Nightmaren cannot steal red ideya[2].

First Level Nightmaren

First levels are the highest ranked and most powerful nightmaren and the only ones that have free will, and are the most intelligent of the nightmarens. NiGHTS and Reala are the only 1st levels, and are notable for their superior flying ability and their ability to paraloop.They where created as Wizeman's second-in command over the other nightmarens. Since NiGHTS rebelled from Wizeman's rule, Reala is tasked with placing NiGHTS in Ideya Palaces or NiGHTS Captures.

Second Level Nightmaren

Second levels are below power and rank to first levels but above third levels, they dwell in their own Nightmare and draw NiGHTS and the visitor there after NiGHTS had been freed from it's prison, there, a boss battle commences. Each 2nd level and Nightmare is allocated to a Nightopia in order to invade it,lead the third levels and retrieve NiGHTS for Wizeman.

The second level nightmarens are Jackle, Clawz, Gillwing, Puffy, Gulpo, Donbalon, Girania, Chamelan, Bomamba, Cerberus and Queen Bella.

Third Level Nightmaren

These are all the minor nightmaren creatures that appear throughout the gameplay and come in many forms, from Mamus to Gaos,their purpose is to invade nightopia and steal ideya. They will attack NiGHTS but are easily dispatched by NiGHTS by Paralooping, Drill Attack, or Touch Dash. They serve as obstacles during gameplay.

They are also known to actually chase and eat Nightopians in Journey of Dreams. 3rd-level Nightmarens are capable of easily beaten if Helen or William toss Blue Chips at them.

Goodles concept art


It is unclear if goodles follow the usual level system, their role is to apprehend NiGHTS and maintain and gaurd NiGHTS captures [3]. They ride huge birds wich are unnamed.