The Nightmare Zone is a DLC level in the Deadly Six Edition of the game Sonic Lost World that is themed around NiGHTS and features the Deadly Six trying to fight off Sonic the Hedgehog using bosses from Nights Into Dreams.


Sweet dreams...(2)

Sonic sleeping in the overworld, before the level begins.

The entrance to this stage is a dream cloud showing NiGHTS flying by the Bellbridge clock tower from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. After the level is selected, Sonic lies down on the grass in the overworld and falls asleep, thus starting off the level.

It starts off with Sonic running through a straight path in Windy Hill and through some Blue Chips and Rings (found in the NiGHTS series) with some spikes on the underside, only to have Reala appear alongside him and Wizeman at the end of the path, turning all of the colors in the main level black and white including Sonic and Reala. After jumping onto a few springs, Reala creates a paraloop and sucks Sonic into it, transporting him into Nightmare where he starts the boss rush, encountering 3 members of the Deadly Six (Zazz, Zomom and Master Zik), alongside Puffy, one of Wizeman's hands and Gulpo, only to be shortly returned to the regular level for a while after defeating the 3 Nightmarens and through more Blue Chips and Rings before shortly being sent to Nightmare again, where he ends the boss rush with the remaining Deadly Six: Zeena, Zor and Zavok, and 3 more Nightmarens: Clawz, Jackle, and Gillwing. After defeating the Nightmarens, Sonic gets sent back to the regular level again, with the color returning as NiGHTs performs another paraloop and sends Reala back into Nightmare. After Sonic flies through a few more Rings and bounces on some more springs, he frees the Nightopians trapped in a cage similar to the ones from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, and the level ends.

After the level completion, the dream cloud disappears, and Sonic wakes up in the overworld, rewarding the player with a Black Wisp powerup.



  • This is the only DLC in Sonic Lost World that also appeared in the PC/Steam release.