Concept art for the Captures in NiGHTS Journey of dreams.

The NiGHTS Capture is a cage which serves as a prision to NiGHTS in NiGHTS Journey of dreams, replacing the Ideya Palace from NiGHTS into dreams, William and Helen can go inside it and release NiGHTS from it, however, once he is free, NiGHTS will need to chase a Goodle, get the capture's key and bring it back to the capture, so it can be destroyed, otherwise, NiGHTS will get stuck on it again, in Bellbridge, they are replaced with doors, the capture later appears again in Sega Superstar Tennis in the background of the NiGHTS tennis court and in Sonic Lost World at the end of the Nightmare Zone, where it's keeping Nightopians as prisioners.

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