Helen in the Nightopian Garden/My Dream.

The Nightopian Garden, also known as My Dream, is a place in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams where the player can raise A-life. Nightopians and Nightmarens alike can be sent to this personal garden via paraloop, though only 2 nightmarens of the same kind can be sent here.

Raising A-life

Each A-life has health that depletes with time. As a player plays a mission, time in the garden advances also. Nightopians' health can be recovered by feeding them a blue chip. Nightmarens are fed with Nightopians. There is a circular grassy area in the garden by the doors where a Nightopian can be brought to rest, during which they will not consume any health points. Note that only up to 5 Nightopians can be in this area at a time. Nightmarens, unlike Nightopians, do not lay eggs, cannot be picked up, and will destroy any items in the garden.

Changes in the garden's landscape may occur, based on what levels a player visits the most. Also, if there are more Nightmarens than Nightopians, the garden will look like Nightmare. If there are more Nightopians, the garden will look like Nightopia. If a player chooses to, a weather link may be enabled to change the weather in the garden, affecting the behavior of the A-life.

Wi-fi Connections

With Wi-fi, a player can visit the garden of a friend or someone random in the world, as well as inviting a player over. Pressing one of the directional buttons on the Wii controller will bring up a message box where you can select up to 3 symbols, then send. Players can also exchange and recieve gifts (Nightopians) with each other.


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