A Murtle in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

Murtles are sea turtle-like Nightmarens that only appeared in Crystal Castle in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. They can shapeshift into a smaller version of NiGHTS and mimic his drill dash or into treasure chests, if NiGHTS comes in contact with them when they are disguised, they will explode and reveal themselves, daming NiGHTS if he is too close.


Murtles resemble sea turtles, they have green head and blue and purple flippers, instead of a shell, they have a blue and yellow mirror in their backs.


  • Murtles are like Verols from the first game, they both are nightmarens resembling a reptile and they both have the ability to shapeshift.
  • A Murtle Mepian has the ability to turn into a chest in My Dream, if the player comes closer they will jump out of the cheast to surprise the player, but won't cause any damage.
  • It's name is probably a combination of the words "mirror" and "turtle".
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