Mindsight is the action of the Wii Control Stick from NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. It is for the Wii when playing the game. Mindsight allows the Control Stick and TV to connect easily so the player can guide NiGHTS while flying. Mindsight is introduced at the Dream Gate.

How it Works

Mindsight is a program which allows the player to navigate NiGHTS using the Control Stick for the Wii. Mindsight takes place as a round light on the TV screen, where you move it, NiGHTS follows that direction as long as the connection is available. Mindsight follows these simple steps:

1. Choose to fly between the Nunchuk or Classic Controller.

2. Start by moving the Nunchuk Style Control Stick to the right.

3. By moving the Control Stick, NiGHTS will fly in the same directions.


Mindsight cannot be accessible if your Mindsight is too far away from the screen, and the round light will turn red, breaking the link, so NiGHTS will move unguided.

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