A Mamu

Mamus are fish-like third level Nightmarens. They can surround themselves with green and yellow spike balls which will explode and hurt NiGHTS if he comes close.


Mamu is a yellow fish nightmaren who appears to be specifically based on the Ocean Sunfish, it has big purple eyes, it's eyeslashes are green and purple and it's fins are dark green, Mamu also has a pointy clown nose with yellow and green stripes.



  • Mamu and Shleep were the first enemies to appear in a NiGHTS game, Mamu if the players starts NiGHTS into Dreams with Splash Garden and Shleep if the players starts with Spring Valley.
  • Mamus ability is similar to the Orbinauts, a category of badniks in the Sonic Series that also surround themselves with spike balls.
  • Mamus were replaced by Baloogas in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.
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