NiGHTS about to leave the Ideya Palace.

The Ideya Palace is a special shrine of the five Ideyas and it is where they are all kept. It also serves as a sort of prison for NiGHTS, at the beggining of every level, Elliot and Claris must use their red ideya power to release NiGHTS from it, so the player can control NiGHTS and bring back the other four ideyas, in Christmas NiGHTS into dreams the ideya palace is replaced with a cake like shrine and in NiGHTS Journey of Dreams, the Ideya Palace was replaced by the NiGHTS Capture.

Outside of NiGHTS into dreams, the ideya palace appeared in Sonic Adventure in the NiGHTS Pinball table in Casinopolis, in Sonic Pinball Party in every NiGHTS table and in Sonic and All Star Racing Transformed in the Dream Valley circuit.

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