Elliot Edwards
Name Elliot Edwards
Gender Male
Race Human
Age 14(U.S), 15(JP)
Eye color Blue
Hair color Blue
Games NiGHTS into Dreams...

Christmas NiGHTS into Dreams...
Burning Rangers
NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Voice Actor Kazuyuki Hoshino

Elliot Edwards is a young teenager who's favorite hobby is playing basketball. He is one of two dreamers that possesses the Red Ideya of Courage in NiGHTS into Dreams, thus allowing him to venture through Nightopia to help NiGHTS defeat Wizeman the Wicked and overcome his own fears during the process.


Elliot was out playing basketball with his friends and showing off his good moves when a crowd of High School students rush into their game. They steal the ball from Elliot and make proceed to slam dunk it with ease. They walk away laughing at Elliot, humiliating him in front of his friends and crushing Elliot's hopes of someday being a great basketball player.

Later that night, Elliot has a nightmare about the events that happened earlier that day. Only this time, the bullies faces turned dark and into shadows, taunting and laughing at him for being a loser. Elliot flees from the horrible nightmares until he reaches a light at the end of a tunnel. It's warm and welcoming and Elliot feels at ease. Elliot finds NiGHTS trapped in an Ideya Palace and together they head off on a journey to stop Wizeman the Wicked. Later, while trying to save NiGHTS from Wizeman's clutches, Elliot joins forces with a girl he's never met before. Together, they help defeat Wizeman and bring peace back to Nightopia.


Elliot finds the courage in himself to overcome his fears.

After waking up, Elliot meets up with his friends for another basketball game but when they arrive at the court, the High School bullies from before have already claimed it. Elliot's friends suggest coming back later but after battling through the darkest of his nightmares, Elliot finds the courage to stand up to the older bullies. The game is almost over and Elliot's team is down one but he doesn't lose hope. Instead, he finds the strength within to power through the older kids' tricks and makes his way up court, leaving the bullies speechless. Seconds before Elliot reaches the hoop for a throw, the main bully decides to step in and wall him off. Reminiscing about his dreams of flight, Elliot feels himself jumping over the bully and making himself a slam dunk, impressing everyone and winning the game.

After being congratulated by his friends, Elliot decides to walk downtown where the 100th anniversary of Twin Seeds was being held. Elliot watches the parade for a moment before walking up to the famous Twin Seeds tower. The sun bounces off a sign for a musical being help and the glare catches Elliot's eye and for a moment he could have sworn he saw NiGHTS' face. He takes it as a sign and decides to take a peek at the Musical taking place inside. Immediately, Elliot recognizes their star singer, Claris Sinclair, from his dreams. Her eyes meet his and instantly they both overwhelmed with memories of their adventures with NiGHTS in Nightopia and how they both defeated Wizeman the Wicked together.

Elliot returns home to his room after a long eventful day. As he lays down to sleep, a familiar purple figure can be seen posing on the spire of the city's famous building.


Official U.S.

Elliot is playing basketball with his classmates. Some of the older kids from school show up and challenge Elliot and his friends to a game. A teammate passes long to Elliot, who is just feet from the net, but the star player on the other team steals the ball. A long pass down court and a slam dunk finishes the day. Elliot walks back home, alone.

Official JP

A 15-year old boy who lives in the central square of Twin Seeds. Very intelligent and faultless in all that he does, especially at school. He always tries his hardest and comes out the cool kid. Especially so in his favorite sport of basketball. There are the guys that gain respect amongst and are the objects of everyone's adoration, Elliot is one of them. However, that sort of reputation and admiration can be quickly replaced by another person. He is a well known member of a very cool city group. But it is this very style that finds him involved in an incident...


That night in his sleep, Elliot’s dreams are a repeat of an incident that happened the same afternoon. Elliot was out as usual enjoying a basketball game with his friends. Then suddenly, a High School student’s group intrudes, stealing their ball with the greatest of ease. The loud slam dunk putting an end to the day and his respect. The ball is thrown into Elliot and the court seems to melt away. Elliot all at once remembers the anger of his humiliation over and over again. But he is playing against someone he can never hope to beat, his pride keeping him from acting awkward. Hiding his shame behind a poker face he stands alone in silence.

And then faces the creatures of Nightmare as his dream replays the days entire humiliation. Elliot runs around blindly trying to escape from the horrible fear- when suddenly the world shines, spreading, and he runs into the world of Nightopia. Elliot stands on edge for a while, afraid that his pursuers will return, looking around the area slowly. Then finding NiGHTS, looking at the wonderful shrine and the amazing being he had never seen before. Looking at the Maren trying to smile…


After you choose one of Elliot's dreams, Splash Garden, Frozen Bell, or Stick Canyon, he'll fall into that selected world. Upon arriving, he'll be attacked by nightmaren minions who'll take all his Ideya away except the red Ideya of courage. You process further in the game by using the red Ideya to merge with NiGHTS and complete the level. However, if you chose to, you can complete the level without NiGHTS at all, unlike in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. This opens up possible level exploring that is otherwise not reachable when playing as NiGHTS, such as the elevator on Stick Canyon's tower or the snow train you can ride in Frozen Bell. However, should you stay out too long, an Alarm Egg will be sent out after you, so be careful to avoid it or it'll be Night Over for Elliot.

Twin Seeds

In Elliot's last dream, he falls down onto a cloud that floats around the Twin Seeds Tower. NiGHTS can be seen flailing for Elliot's attention but if you press any buttons on your controller, it'll trigger Wizeman to send Elliot flying off onto a broken floating piece of asphalt. From here, Elliot jumps off the side into the city light below. Elliot shoots back up with his red Ideya following him, enabling you to complete the stage as normal. The only difference is that there is no alarm egg and if you run out of time before collecting Elliot's Ideya and freeing NiGHTS, then it is instant Night Over.


Aside from his debut on the Sega Saturn, Elliot also appears as an unlockable character in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.

Elliot also starred in Archie's NiGHTS into Dreams Comic as well as the NiGHTS story book, NiGHTS: Flying Through the Sky Without Wings.[1]

Outside of NiGHTS, Elliot has also appeared in Burning Rangers, along with Claris, as a special side quest.[2] He also made a cameo appearance in Sonic Adventure as a card in the NiGHTS pinball stage and in Sonic Pinball Party in the Frozen Bell table.


  • In Japan, Elliot is listed as 15 years old. However, in all other regions of the world he is listed as 14 years old. The reason for the change is unknown.
  • In the second shot of Will's opening FMV in Journey of Dreams, a boy who's hair look's just like Elliot's can be seen to the right of the shot, bouncing a ball on his knee.
  • Elliot was voiced by Kazuyuki Hoshino, who was also one of the game's character designer.