Pure valley gameplay-0

NiGHTS using Drill Dash on Pure Valley.

Drill Dash is a recurring ability from the NiGHTS series and one of NiGHTS most iconic attacks. In NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams, the Drill Dash is considered an advanced flying technique and Owl teaches the player at the beginning of the game, when instructing them on how to fly, Reala also has the same ability.

How It Works

Drill Dash allows NiGHTS to speed in a circle and move faster, leaving a trail of yellow light behind him. Follow these steps in order to perform a Drill Dash:

1. Use the Control Stick to fly to the right.

2. Press B (Owl mentions that Z and A work the same way)

Despite Drill Dash being a good move, it causes the player's Dash Power in the lower left-corner of the screen to deplete. To regain Dash Power, NiGHTS must fly through yellow Rings. Flying through a Ring recovers a small amount of Dash Power.

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