A dream is a world created by Nightopia in the Night Dimension. They are the main places the player enters to complete missions and challenges. A dream is also created by a Visitor's heart and is where a Visitor's Ideya lies. In this case, Will and Helen, who are two Visitors accompanied by NiGHTS, the creator of the World of Nightmare tries to capture them by placing a second-level Nightmaren in each dream they have.

NiGHTS into Dreams

Claris' Dream:

Dream 1: Spring Valley

Boss: Gillwing

Dream 2: Mystic Forest

Boss: Gulpo

Dream 3: Soft Museum

Boss: Jackle

Elliot's Dream:

Dream 1: Splash Garden

Boss: Puffy

Dream 2: Frozen Bell

Boss: Clawz

Dream 3: Stick Canyon

Boss: Reala

Claris & Elliot:

Dream 4: Twin Seeds

Boss: Wizeman

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

Will's Dream

Dream 1: Pure Valley

Ideya: White Ideya

Boss: Donbalon

Dream 2: Lost Park

Ideya: Blue Ideya

Boss: Chamelan

Dream 3: Delight City

Ideya: Green Ideya

Boss: Cerberus

Helen's Dream

Dream 1: Aqua Garden

Ideya: White Ideya

Boss: Girania

Dream 2: Crystal Castle

Ideya: Blue Ideya

Boss: Bomamba

Dream 3: Memory Forest

Ideya: Green Ideya

Boss: Queen Bella

Will & Helen

Dream 4: Bellbridge

Ideya: Yellow Ideya

Boss: Wizeman

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