Donbalon or Donbalon the Clown is a second-level Nightmaren in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams.


Donbalon has a four-tailed blue jester hat with red bells, with a pink jewel on his forehead, purple glowing eyes, under which is scar-themed makeup. He also has a red nose and purple skin with thick, grinning lips. There are feathers and a Jacobean ruff around his neck, with his ensemble ending in a waistcoat. His arms are very long and thin wires, ending with white gloves and long, thin, spiky fingers. He has a very spherical body almost like a balloon (similar to Puffy) with patchwork.


Donbalon is the boss of William Taylor's Pure Valley dream and where his White Ideya has been spotted there. The strategy is very simple. Donbalon appears from curtains at the bottom of his arena, at this point, NiGHTS will have to launch him through his circus-themed, nightmarish pinball arena (avoiding hitting obstacles for Donbalon to bounce off of) toward the top, where he is destroyed upon impact with the spiked ceiling.


Donbalon's lair is a circus-themed pinball-like tower. It consists of several areas separated by stylish barriers and has a monstrous face with long, spiked teeth at the top. The lair runs vertical, and there are many different obstacles scattered around. A bunch of circus cages appearing and disappearing are found at the very top of the tower.



  • Donbalon closely resembles Puffy from NiGHTS into Dreams, not only because of his sphere-like shape, but also in technique.
  • Donbalon is most noted for his strange high-pitched laughter.
  • Donbalon's clown like appearance, as well as having a ball shaped body, may represent Will's fears of being seen as a fool or a joke by his football team mates.
  • The name of Donbalon's theme is "Drifting Donbalon".
  • In Spanish, "Don Balon" means "Sir Ball".
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