Dash Ball is a recurring item from the NiGHTS' series, when NiGHTS pass through them, he will get blown away into the direction the ball is pointing, in Christmas NiGHTS into dreams, they are replaced by Party Poppers.


  • Fish-Like Dash Balls: During Gulpo boss fight, the player must use small fishes with the exact same function as the Dash Ball to blast themselves into the nightmaren to defeat him.
  • Crystal Castle's Dash Ball: Crystal Castle features a special Dash Ball which not only blows NiGHTS but also turns him giant when he passes through it, the speed NiGHTS gets from this one is lower than the default one though.



  • Their function is identical to the Dash Panels from the Sonic series.
  • The dash ball appeared in Sonic Pinball Party in the NiGHTS' tables, curiously, it has the rings sound effect in the game.
    • Two Dash Balls also appeared in Sonic Lost World in the Nightmare Zone DLC with a completely unique design, they launch Sonic to a straight path after the first and second boss wave.
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