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Crystal Castle
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Crystal Castle, also known as the Dream of Glass or World of Glass, is the second dream of Helen Cartwright in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams. Hence its name, everything here is made from crystalline glass. The boss for this level is Bomamba. It is where Helen's Blue Ideya is hidden.


Chase Mission

Helen climbs the chain on NiGHTS' cage in order to dualize with him/her and chase after the Goodles, and to get their key and unlock the three NiGHTS cages. Once all of the cages have been opened, the player will be sent to battle Bomamba for the first time.

Link Challenge

NiGHTS spots an Octopaw and (s)he and Helen chase after it and try to get 30 links going through the rings it leaves behind. In addition, NiGHTS may slam into some crystal icicles and will earn bonus points for smashing through.

Labyrinth Guide

Helen goes back to Crystal Castle without NiGHTS, and finds a boy lost inside the castle. The boy says he needs to help a friend very quickly and doesn't know how to leave, so Helen leads him through a maze of mirrors (in which some rooms have mirrored walls or don't) in the castle and out of it and to the door. The boy thanks her, they introduce each other, and then he leaves. The player will be timed on how much time he/she took to help Will out of the castle.

Jewel Mountain

Because the Nightmarens try to steal jewels from the Jewel Mountain (they are part of the Ideya), it starts to erupt. Helen and NiGHTS must collect more than 50 jewels erupting from the mountain. If the player manages to do so, no jewels will be taken by Nightmarens.

Bony Bomamba

NiGHTS will fight Bomamba for the second and last time, who now has cats with no bodies sitting around on her hat. NiGHTS must tilt Bomamba's magic seals to drop the black cats into the holes. The cats will eventually turn into balls if the seals keep on moving, and NiGHTS must direct the seals in order for the cats to fall into the holes. NiGHTS must do this twice in order to win. However, the cats may turn back into form if the seals aren't rocking hard enough, and will rocket towards NiGHTS (if they hit him/her, the player loses five seconds of time). Bomamba also may aim green magic balls at NiGHTS if not moving fast enough. Once the wicked witch is beaten, the player gains the Blue Ideya of Intelligence, the Rocket Persona, and access to Memory Forest.




  • This is the only level that Reala didn't appear in a cutscene.
  • This is the only level where Beezes aren't spawned by the Beez Pods.


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