Chips from the Playstation 2 remake of NiGHTS into Dreams.

A Chip is a shiny blue orb that floats in Nightopia. They can be collected and used for making Links.

NiGHTS into Dreams

In NiGHTS into Dreams, 20 chips are required for breaking the Ideya Captures. After the Ideya Capture has been broken the chips will turn from blue to gold. Chips also give the player 10 points when collected and when collected fast enough, chips as well as stars can create links.

NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams

The purpose of chips in NiGHTS: Journey of Dreams has little to do with progressing the plot along, unlike NiGHTS into Dreams. Chips are still used for points and links but are essential for reviving sick Nightopians in your Nightopian Garden. They are also used to defeat Nightmarens when playing as Helen/William.

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