Night is Stuck. With Baby Greed The Hedgehog.

Because there is a Threat who's Trying to Destroy his world and Dream Worlds

Night We Will Never Forget the memories. How he Said these words To Night.

[[1]] But there was More Nightmare Zare said.

Once I The destroy Baby Greed The Hedgehog

Sonic Home Words And You Night

your world. And everything that you come from will be Destroyed.

You Will Die NIGHT.

this Happened in the Movic Scene of the game.> here Soon>

[[2]] That'll be your zone but it will be added soon. If i get to it soon.

Anyway in that story mode. Night Has Saved Baby Greed The Hedgehog Dream.

But night still watches over him as a baby he is in his baby bedroom.

and wherever he goes with sonic. He's always invisible to watch him.

Night And Baby Greed The Hedgehog Are Best Friends.

Time Control is Baby Greed Power

And this little guy loves adventures

Night does Communicate with Baby Greed in is Baby bedroom. For some trouble.

That he talks about

Night does tell baby greed

About so much fun games and toys. That he been through so much

things to he tells him.

Baby Greed said 'Having you my BedRoom its So Cool.^-^!?'

this is when the game is finished

More Soon